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Har Ki Dun Trek Overview

About the Har Ki Dun:

Located at an altitude of 12,000 ft, Har Ki Dun Trek is one of the most mesmerizing valleys in the Garhwal Himalayas. It is also known by another name i.e., “The Valley of Gods”. The valley is beautifully surrounded by alpine vegetation and is extremely rich in Flora and Fauna. This valley is connected to Baspa Valley through Borasu Pass and is the main source of the Yamuna River. People from around the globe go for this trek in order to experience spectacular views, attractive beauty, a calm environment as well as tempting greenery. In India, this trek is considered the finest river valley trail that has never fail to entice trekkers around the world. The exquisiteness of valley is the primary attraction. Changes of colors in every season often make this route a perfect choice for nature and trek lovers. During your trek, you just cannot miss the wide lush valley, culture & hospitality of the people as well as remote communities en route. An appealing view of the Laundhar glacier, as well as the surrounding Swargarohini group of peaks, definitely makes your trek exciting and thrilling. The state bird of Uttarakhand named Himalayan Monal and several other animals can be spotted in the forest region during the trek. Not only this, but valley also offers stunning views of Jaundhar Glacier, Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini Peaks I & II as well as the Black peak that are definitely a treat to your eyes.


Dehradun to Sankri After 9 hours of journey which is approx. 200 km from doon you will find yourself at Sankri. A dirve of approx. 200 km which tax 9 hours max You will Arrive at Sankri Village from Dehradoon, Then our trek guide will show you the way to hotel .Happy stay from Shring Adventures

Sankri - Taluka - Seema to Osla There is a 12 kms link road connecting which connect Sankri with Taluka . Forest of chestnut, walnut and chinars you can scroll . This route from Taluka to Seema by the right side of Supin River . with in some wooden bridges over streams and do occasional climbs which don't last for long.

Seema to Osla to Har ki Dun ( Approx : 12 kms) After crossing Seema a giant bridge over Supin River will welcome you, cross it and climb a high elevation route until you reach a small bridge over a stream. It will take around 30 minutes . a lush green meadow there over 4 km for trekking is seen by that place .its so green and snowy in winters.after the kalkati Dhar you will notice the change in scenery and trek becomes easier and Hata Peak becomes visible to you to increase your excitement level. Har ki Dun is situated at the foot of Hata Peak which is a beautiful camping ground at Har ki Dun with a calm stream flowing in between. You will feel like its the best camping.

Har ki Dun –to Jaundhar Glacier & Maninda Tal Early morning you able to see the sun rising from behind the Swargarohini Peak. You feel so relax and chill at Har ki Dun .Others choose any one of the two nearby treks one is Jaundhar Glacier or other is Maninda Tal trek.

Har ki Dun - Osla to Seema ( Approx : 12 kms) We have to be back on same track and pay a visit to the isolated yet culturally ri ch village of Osla.osla village is just opposite side of the seema village . There you can talk with local villagers and comes towards after lunch . Beds are waiting for you at Seema or Osla .Happy Night stay with Shring Adventures.

Seema - Taluka - Sankri 14 km trek Early Morning ,we can trek back to Taluka and then trek towards Sankri Village. Night stay in Sankri with Shring Adventures.

Departure from Sankri Early morning you can catch bus/cab from Sankri to Dehradunand step forward to ypur hometown.