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Rupin Pass Trek Overview

A surprise in scenery every hour

If there is a trek in India that surprises you at every turn, it has to be the Rupin Pass trek. This trek is like an orchestra, building momentum with surprises in scenery every hour. You’ll never see it coming. Allow us to take you through the trek.

To begin with, Rupin Pass is a high altitude mountain pass, climbing to 15,250 feet. The adventure and thrill of ascending to such an altitude in the Indian Himalayas makes it a terrific trek on its own. And then come the surprises.

The surprises begin even before the trek, on your drive from Rohru over the Chainsheel Pass. Unpaved roads wind uphill through forests, changing views by the minute. The forest is so unique that you will want to step out of your vehicle now and then to admire it. At around 11,000 feet, you burst out of the forests into grasslands. These grasslands stretch far and wide. They last until you reach the Chainsheel Pass.


For Rupin Pass Trek, you’ll be required to reach Dehradun early in the morning, by 6 am and get yourself onto a vehicle destined towards Mori. A sleepy hamlet, amazingly scenic beautiful village, surrounded by greenish and yellowish paddy fields, Mori is located on the banks of renowned Tons River. Mori is a part of the Tons valley, has a unique culture and history. Retreat for the night in the tents as tomorrow your Rupin Pass Trek commences.

This day, enjoy the trek amidst rhododendron woodlands and fields. Post some hours of walking, you will arrive at Sewa. After a great day, spend the night in tents.

This is an exceptionally scenic day for shutterbugs. As you make your way through some hamlets, get a fine whiff of their local culture and lives. Enjoy the way amidst mixed forests and initial sights of snowy ridges of Dhauladhar range. Arrive at Jakha, the final hamlet of the day that is also the highest in the region. Later in the night, retreat to your tents.

It is a beautiful walk through the blue pine and maple forest. After a while the trail starts to descend to the river. There is a small bridge taking the trail to the true left of the valley. We camp overnight beside the river beside a spot frequented by shepherds.

You will encounter the first snow bridge upon the river. After snow bridge there will be a heavy ascent for a while. The scenic beauty of Rupin Valley and Rupin river is just mesmerising at this point. From here on, you will encounter lots of snow crossing and at some places snow will be very soft and even it immerses down to your knee level. After few kilometres of snowy adventure, you will reach campsite in Dhandras Thach. This campsite will be having amazing view of Rupin Waterfall and snow-clad peaks.

This is the shortest trek but toughest than the earlier. There will be multiple climbs today that pass through 2 waterfalls. As if the snow will be melting the slippery will be much higher. You need to hike vertically from Lower Waterfall to the Upper waterfall amidst beautiful scenery. This 3 km hike will be the toughest. Dinner and overnight stay in Camps.

There are excellent views of the hanging glaciers and snowfields on the way to the pass. It is a narrow and steep path through the boulders; in case of snow, a rope maybe used. From the pass, one can witness great views of the Kinnaur Kailash range. We descend to the alpine meadows with lots of camping options.

Today is a beautiful short trek through blue pine, deodar and oak forest overlooking the Sangla valley. It is a steep descent to Sangla, which is a town connected by road to Shimla. Sangla to Shimla. We will be reaching late night to Shimla. So plan your stay in Shimla well in advance. You can take the next day's Volvo to Delhi or to the base location.