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Bali Pass Trek Overview

A Rare Adventure Among Big Mountains

There aren’t many treks that let one experience the raw grandeur of a Himalayan pass crossing. Connecting Har Ki Dun valley with Yamunotri, the Bali Pass is an exhilarating trail. Almost an exploration on its own. It traverses the confluence of Tons and Ruinsara rivers, the undisturbed serenity of the Ruinsara Valley and the lush meadows of Devsu Thach.

Soon, greenery paves way for an alpine zone. At 16,207 ft, the Bali Pass offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the Bandarpoonch, Kalanag and Swargarohini peaks. This reward doesn’t come easy, as this trek is difficult and only suitable for experienced trekkers.


Report in Sankri by evening. Sankri is a tiny town located near Govind Pashu national park in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. It is 195 km away from Dehradun. Taxi takes around 6 hours and 8 hours by bus to reach sankri. Night stay & dinner or everything managed by us there. Happy stay for he night .Charge yourself for an Adventure with Shring Adventures.

Next Morning Sankri to Taluka via Taxi for 1 hour. That will be the starting point of trek. After Breakfast at Taluka, we will start trekking with packed lunch f or Seema Camp (2560 M) .We can scroll out forest with some of chestnuts, walnuts, willows, chinars and a variety of conifer trees. You can see beautiful waterfalls while trekking and by afternoon we will be in the seema campsite. Overnight stay will be in tents with firebone if possible.

As we are going along with the Supin river aside our very ist milestone will be Debshu Bugyal, from where we able to see the amazing view of Kala Nag or Black Peak then After crossing this , we will scroll out he forest with loose stones and sandy path to the river and then a bridge on Supin river we have to cross and After crossing the bridge, the supin river is again along with us with in our right side. Then we have reach camp to spend night there.

Today will be last day when we walk along the Supin river aide. Today's target is Ruinsara Tal by noon. This tal with lovely lake surrounded by meadows and rhododendron bushes will give you a plesant feel w ith rest in camps. Camp is in the middle of subin tiver and that lake. The view from the campsite will blow your mind completely . Yamuna Kanta is on South West, which leads us to Yamunotri and that known as a difficult trek . In the east is the you can see Banderpooch Peak (6,387 m) and Dhumdhar Kandi (5,873 m) and Kala Nag (6,387m) and White Peak (6,102m) to the south-east.

Today is just a short trek of 4 km.Down from the Subin River through the stunted trees then crossing the river bridge,then after a trek of 3 kms or towards south west. Odari after 1 km of trek. Odari which is simply a rock cave. According to locals, it is believed that Bali from Ramayana slept there for one day. You will be able to see the most beautiful views from this point like In the North East we can see peaks of Swargarohini.

We have to start the day with a little hike towards basecamp and this will difficult for you to check it out but this hike would not be an easy one for sure . We have to walk on a 60 degree incline full of loose stones which will be easy only if you do exercise daily . At a height of 4678 Metre this is not easy to spent time there. We have to be active and hydrated that will be keep away from AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness).The temperature will dro below the Zero levels so be careful and we will rest in camps overnight there.

As we crossed the Bali pass 4950 meters and lower Dhamini .We will start the trek early morning then you will be able to walk thrugh the snow with the provided guidelines . Total 2-3 hours to reach from the Base-Camp Swargarohini, Banderpooch, Garhwal ranges and the Yamnotri valley will be in around of you will give you an amazing view with 360 degree angle .After this pass there a next level challenge waiting for you .We have to walk through the big stones and scree. There will be some irregular paths , will make u feel uncomfortable while walking but u just have to be careful . Afeter this path u will be able to see upper Damini . Then you can rest for a while and then lead towards the lower damini with the Trek Leader as its not easy one.

here the last day of our journey , We will go through the forest that will be merged into a local path later .During this 4.5 km trek w e will go to yamunotri and it will takes upto 90 mniutes .After this you can see hot water springs where you can relax .That is the holy Shrine of Yamunotri that leads to a path to jaan ki chatti which is 5 km . Then stay in guest house for the night.

Then the trekkers leave from Janki Chatti to Dehradun with their own vehicles or via cab or other booked vehicles with in our booked vehicles.