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Valley Of Flower Trek Overview

About Valley of Flowers Trek:

Valley of Flowers "Foolon ki Ghati" is one of those beautiful trekking expeditions that can be enjoyed during the monsoon season. It is flawlessly nestled in the West Himalayan region of Uttarakhand and lies at a lofty height of 3600 m above sea level. With an opportunity to spot the very rare blue Primula, the Valley Of Flowers trek is one of the best-known treks in the world.

The Valley of Flowers is also believed to be the place from where Hanuman brought the magical herb to resuscitate Lakshman in the Hindu epic Ramayan. Just as you set your foot into the valley, the intoxicating mix of fragrances emitted from the flowers makes you feel in a paradise. The hidden lake at the height of 14,400 ft, creates a hidden coop for numerous species of wildflowers like the saxifrages, sedums, lilies, poppy, calendulas, daisies, geranium, zinnia, and petunia.


Distance: 300 km | Duration: 10 hours | Elevation: 6,300ft. / 1,920m
  • At around 7 am, assemble at the pre-decided spot in Haridwar where a representative will greet you and give a short overview of your entire journey.
  • You will then begin a long-distance, scenic uphill drive from Haridwar to Govindghat.
  • Along the way, pass through Devaprayag to witness the holy confluence of Bhagirathi and Alaknanda Rivers to form the River Ganges.
  • The roads are cut out from the mountain's edges and at times you'll only see the river flowing in the gorge deep below.
  • You will also be passing through Joshimath, which is the midpoint for other religious pilgrimage locations.
  • Later in the evening take a halt at Govindghat for the night.

Distance: 13 km | Duration: 5-6 hours | Elevation: 9,600ft. / 2,926m
  • Start off the day with a hearty meal enjoying the amazing lush green mountainous views.
  • You will then be driven to a nearby town called Poolna from where you will start your trek to Ghangaria.
  • Walk the well-defined trail that passes through lush green forest and alongside the beautiful Lakshman Ganga River.
  • Take a moment to thank the volunteers who sweep the trail every day to keep it clutter-free and in the best condition possible.
  • Encounter the various dhabas on the way from where you can get some refreshments and refill your water bottles.
  • After completing the short gradual ascent of 9 Km you will reach Ghangaria, a small village encircled by mountains.
  • Check into your hotel, and set off to explore the beautiful surroundings.
  • Have a delicious dinner of local cuisines in Ghangharia and call-it-a-day.

Distance: 4 km (one side) | Duration: 6-7 hours | Elevation: 11,500ft. / 3,505m
  • Start your day with a wholesome breakfast.
  • Today will be the day you will scale a height of 3,505m to arrive at the Valley Of Flowers.
  • Just a glimpse at the verdant landscape is enough to sweep you off your feet into heaven decorated with colourful flowers.
  • Take a moment to cherish the moment as you feast your eyes on one of nature’s finest creations that will treat your soul.
  • Ascend further into the valley to witness an array of thousands of colourful and vibrant flowers in full bloom.
  • It'll be hard to leave such a heavenly view behind, but you must timely begin the return trek to Ghangaria so as to reach there before dusk.
  • Have a sumptuous dinner and call it a night.

Distance: 6 km (one side) | Duration: 9-10 hours | 14,107ft. / 4,300m
  • Wake up early to the sounds of the people chanting bhajans in the chorus and enjoy a hot cup of chai.
  • The trek to Hemkund Sahib is a bit difficult as the path is a steep ascent and a trekking stick can come in handy.
  • Walk slowly and take numerous breaks as you will feel the effects of reduced oxygen levels in the air.
  • Reach Hemkund Sahib, a religious site where Guru Gobind Singh is said to have meditated in the previous life.
  • Surrounded by seven snow-capped mountains and crystal clear Hemkund lake just behind it, this place is no doubt soothing and calming.
  • In the late afternoon, start the steep descent all the way back to Ghangaria as the weather here can be impulsive with sudden cloud cover and rains
  • Once you reach back enjoy a dinner under the starry sky and an overnight stay at the hotel.

Distance: 13 km | Duration: 4-5 hours | Elevation: 9,600ft. / 2,926m
  • After having morning breakfast, you will be starting the easy descent of 9 km to Poolna on the same trail that you trekked on earlier.
  • Once you reach Poolna a cab will take you back to Govindghat that is 4 km away.
  • If you desire, you can go on a tour of the beautiful Auli in the evening.
  • Later in the evening return back to the hotel in Govindghat for an overnight stay.

Distance: 300 km | Duration: 10 hours | Elevation: 6,300ft. / 1,920m
  • Leave Govindghat early for your return journey back to Haridwar.
  • The Valley of Flowers Trekking package ends here, take back a mosaic of unbelievable memories with you.